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Today’s Wichita area professional job seeker will benefit immensely from Six Sigma training. It is not that Six Sigma training programs in Wichita are the newest thing, but rather, it is a method that has proven itself through over 20 years of testing. Six Sigma has become the standard productivity problem-solving model for every type of business and industry.

In every industry in Wichita and beyond, from old-manufacturers to Internet companies, from banking and finance firms to staffing agencies, Six Sigma is being used to tweak their productivity to the highest possible levels while maintaining the highest level of quality. Businesses use it because it works. Six Sigma was developed so that a small team of people could make big, positive changes in any business model.

Currently there is no training schedule available for Wichita. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in nearby location

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Six Sigma credentials are denoted by belts of a specific color. The universal belts are green and black. Green belt programs typically are geared toward specialists of different types. The program will vary depending on the industry and what the person does for work. For example, a quality inspector in a factory might seek a different green belt program than a quality specialist who is analyzing customer service traffic.

Black belt programs have two levels and are typically geared toward professionals who are in leadership roles. Master Black belt is the highest level of Six Sigma. Master Black belts typically mentor other professionals in a Six Sigma/lean work environment. There are also combination Six Sigma training programs in Wichita.

A popular training combination is LSS, or Lean Six Sigma, where the fundamentals of lean operations are paired with Six Sigma training programs in Wichita. Sometimes, a specific organization may offer Six Sigma yellow belt training. These programs might be geared toward a professional who works on many different projects at once or throughout the course of a year.

Finding a Six Sigma training program in Wichita will involve a bit of homework. You want to learn what your prospective employers are looking for in terms of Six Sigma credentials and which programs offer the appropriate belt training for the specific industry that is your target of focus for work.

Sometimes, the employers themselves will host a multi-class training session that will allow you to take multiple classes at the same time, but you can also take online training courses if your life schedule doesn’t permit physically attending classes. Make sure you choose a Wichita-based program that is well-recognized and appropriately endorsed or accredited.

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