Six Sigma Training in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale in California easily ranks as one of the most important cities of Silicon Valley, with some of the most prominent tech companies, not only in the US but on a global platform, based in the city. This includes big names like Yahoo, AMD or Advanced Micro Devices, NetApp, Juniper Networks, Applied Materials, Applied Micro, and Aruba Networks to only name a few. Now, tech, like many other industries of its caliber, can really not afford to compromise on quality. Rather, it has to strive continuously for more, to ensure that users of the products and services that they have to offer constantly get the kind of value which they so earnestly seek.

It is under such circumstances that we find six sigma training in Sunnyvale coming into such major prominence. After all, given the kind of values which six sigma principles embody, it does not come as a surprise at all that tech companies in the city are taking to six sigma principles in such a big way  they know that given the demanding circumstances in which they operate, it is quintessential that they focus on quality and continuous improvement  two values which six sigma principles personify.

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Six Sigma training in San Jose

At 6Sigma.us we are very proud of the fact that six sigma training in Sunnyvale is catching on in such a big way. Already, we have a variety of different tech companies eagerly seeking out six sigma training from us. At the same time, mind you, there are numerous non-tech entities also eagerly looking to acquire proficiency in six sigma principles. For instance, there are many small businesses which may not directly have anything to do with the tech industry themselves but at the same time, given the high tech environment of Sunnyvale, thrive because of it. To give you an example, there are various catering businesses in Sunnyvale that serve the local tech industry   they in turn operate in a highly competitive and demanding environment wherein training in six sigma principles proves to be completely priceless.

Another high tech  but not in the way we usually think of the industry, entity that comes to mind is Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Sunnyvale’s biggest employer. It has been looking at a variety of six sigma principles for itself so that it can come up the way it would like to, sans any inhibitors along the way. For instance, it has been keenly looking at lean six sigma principles so that it can avoid wastage and make the most of the resources that it has at its disposal. Crystal ball gazing into the future, we reckon that six sigma training in Sunnyvale will take on greater hues; there are so many more tech entities which are coming to the fore in the city. Moreover, not all tech or non-tech entities have as yet taken up six sigma principles to the extent that they can. For them it is all about an opportunity waiting to be tapped.

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