Lean is the Norm Thanks to Six Sigma Training in Spokane, Washington

Those days of bloated organizations are certainly gone and nowhere else is that fact more easily apparent than in Spokane where, all thanks to intuitive six sigma training, more and more organizations are learning to remain lean and fit.

So what exactly is lean in this context?

Well, in this context, to be “lean” implies to have adequate assets or resources without going overboard in anyway. It also implies minimizing wastage to an extent where it practically does not exist.

Therefore, when we talk about lean in an organizational context, there are so many different dimensions. First you have to look at staff  is there more human capital around than is warranted? That is a question which all organizations wish to have a clear answer to. After all, human capital is one of the biggest costs by far when it comes to a lot of organizations today, which is why there is a major stress on having only as much staff onboard as would be warranted.

Further it is not only about the quantity of staff; it is also about usage / effective deployment. Often we see that while staff may or may not be excessive, it may not be put to use effectively. Then there are other cases where staff may be assigned inappropriately. Lean, as learnt from six sigma training looks into all of these aspects.

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Then akin to staff, there are a number of other resources at the disposal of organizations. Lean  as six sigma training mandates, looks into effective deployment / usage of all these varied resources. It could be land, buildings, machinery, raw material, and so on  with lean in place there is a compulsion of sorts to ensure that all these resources are put to good use to ensure that the organization’s best interests are maintained at all times.

6Sigma.us Driving Lean Philosophy.

By imparting high quality six sigma methodology, 6Sigma.us is certainly ensuring that the whole point about lean is driven home well. Otherwise, there are numerous management philosophies / principles of thinking which are no doubt out there, yet seldom find application in real life cases.

In this particular case, 6Sigma.us has worked hard to ensure that Spokane based organizations see the benefits that lie in store for them thanks to lean principles. In particular, if we look at cost based benefits alone, they are HUGE, all thanks to lean principles. Then there is also the aspect of overall efficiency which is considerably heightened, thanks to these lean principles.

There’s still a lot to be done

Yet, there’s still a lot to be done since we find many Spokane based organizations  small and big alike, which continue to function with little concern for lean and disciplined functioning. Often resources are severely bloated or used unwisely.

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