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Six Sigma Training In San Diego

A good career is usually tied to something else-a good education. But while that idea is simple, finding the best educational program for success, whether in your current career area or in a new area where you can achieve growth, can be tougher. There’s one universally-accepted course of study that every employer will see favorably-Six Sigma training in San Diego.

California has long been a place of innovation, and San Diego is a city where every industry thrives. You can help your employer thrive while helping yourself with Six Sigma credentials, and the sooner you have them, the sooner your dream becomes reality.

Just what is Six Sigma and why would you want Six Sigma training in San Diego? It started in the 1990s as companies sought ways to improve their business processes. What is a business process? Quite simply, it is the process of providing service to customers in call center, of manufacturing a product in an assembly plant, or teaching classes at a technical college.

Before Six Sigma, many companies, agencies and non-profits just guessed on how they would fix a defective business process or never really knew why good business processes worked. That all changed with Six Sigma, a system of mathematical tools used to analyze a business process and create easy-to-understand reports. Six Sigma training in San Diego will teach you how to analyze a business process and to make and understand the reports.

If your employer isn’t already using Six Sigma, chances are they will start in the coming months or years, which means you’ll want to know it. You’ll be better able to help them succeed, which means you’ll be better able to advance your career.

Here are just a few employers who want their people to have Six Sigma training in San Diego:

  • AMN Healthcare
  • Encore Capital Group
  • Managed Career Services
  • Peregrine Semiconductor
  • The Science People
  • Real Staffing

No matter what your industry, Six Sigma training in San Diego will be beneficial for you and your career.

How do you choose a program? There are a lot different options-you can take classes live or online. Choose a reputable program that area companies recognize. Six Sigma credentials are recognized as “belts”.  A green belt program is designed for project specialists who focus on particular tasks. A black belt is for administrators who will supervise and mentor others. A yellow belt is for a generalist. The Six Sigma program you choose will depend on your industry and your professional specialty.

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