Six Sigma Training for Rochester, Minnesota

With a population topping out at almost 110,000 residents, Rochester is the third largest city in the state of Minnesota. It’s home to a tremendous number of businesses and industries, with some major players like IBM, the Mayo Clinic and Walmart providing the employment backbone. While that means stiffer competition for business owners, it also means that job seekers have their work cut out for them in securing the right job. Six Sigma training for Rochester, Minnesota, professionals can help.

What’s Six Sigma?

Six Sigma training for Rochester, MN, professionals is an invaluable “feather in your cap”. Six Sigma is a process improvement method that offers the only proven, accurate means of identifying breakdowns, applying an accurate fix, and then monitoring the situation. For professionals, training and certification give you one of the most in-demand skillsets in the world right now.

To really understand this, you need to look at what the recession did. It forced businesses to run leaner, to do more with less, and to reduce their tolerance for unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. Six Sigma provides businesses with the means to eliminate those problems. Many companies in the Rochester area are hiring Six Sigma credentialed professionals, following the lead of other companies throughout the state. These include McQuay International, MedTox Scientific, Inc., Medtronic, Inc., Merrill Corporation, Micro Dynamics and many others.

Currently there is no training schedule available for Rochester. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in nearby location

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Choosing Your Belt Level

The first step in obtaining Six Sigma training in Rochester is to determine what belt level is right for you. This will hinge on what you want to do with your training. If you just want to become a better-rounded employee, then consider white or yellow belt training. These introductory courses prepare you to work in a support capacity for a process improvement team, but they also give you the means to optimize your daily responsibilities. If you want to be a more integral part of Six Sigma, then earning your green belt is the logical step. This prepares you to be part of or even lead a team. Black belt training can give you the means to enter a leadership role, and master black belt training might be advisable if you have your eye on an executive position with an employer.

Beyond the question of which belt to pursue, you’ll also need to ensure that you choose the right provider or Six Sigma training in Rochester. Not all companies are the same, so make sure the one you choose has a solid reputation and lots of experience in the industry.

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