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Six Sigma Training In Portland

What would be the ideal choice for a Portland professional when it comes to continuing education? You would want something that didn’t take too much time, cost too much money or limit you to a specific job in a specific industry. You’d want something that every employer would want in a new candidate or in one who is established and who is seeking promotion or growth. Is this too much to ask? No. You can get all this by getting Six Sigma training in Portland.

Every type of business and agency uses Six Sigma. Nationally, here are just a few organizations who have employees with Six Sigma training:

  • ABC Network
  • Microsoft
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of the Interior
  • Travelocity

It doesn’t matter what the industry or agency. Six Sigma is used because it works. It has become the most-accepted way to analyze a business process to figure out, precisely, what works and what doesn’t work in practical terms. The analysis is done by using proven math formulas and statistics concepts that are tried and true. Your Six Sigma training in Portland will teach you how these tools work and you’ll be able to work with your team to apply them for real where your work.

If your workplace isn’t using Six Sigma already, they will likely implement it in the coming years and will be looking for people who know how it works. You’ll be trained and ready to contribute to the success of the winning team.

The list below shows some organizations in Portland that already have Six Sigma projects

  • Adidas
  • Cardinal Health
  • Fieerv
  • Sun Edison

All of these companies are currently hiring and all want employees to have Six Sigma training in Portland.

The right Six Sigma Portland training for you depends on what your career goals are, what industry you work in or want to work in, and what your current profession is. If you are work on special projects and your team is one that sees the whole project through, you will probably seek a Six Sigma green belt.

If you are senior manager and you supervise specialists on different projects, you’ll seek a Six Sigma black belt and possibly a master black belt. The industry you work in will determine which black belt program. For example, a black belt program for sales and customer service will vary somewhat from a black belt for manufacturing quality assurance.

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