Lean Six Sigma Training in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Six Sigma Training In Indianapolis

Business leaders are always searching for ways to make their workers more productive. By having employees engage in Six Sigma training for your Indianapolis business, they will be equipped with a methodology that includes valuable skills needed to address the defects your organization has encountered. Your employees are already your biggest assets, why not give them the best tools available to make them even better?

What is Six Sigma?

Simply put, Six Sigma is a problem-solving instrument that uses a strong set of statistical tools to overcome inefficiencies in the workplace and improve business processes. These may be minor, such as effectively managing time in the office to perform simple tasks, or they may be large, such as managing the logistics of a multimillion-dollar project.

Programs that offer quality Six Sigma training in Indianapolis provide multiple levels of training for employees, depending on their role in the organization. This ensures that each individual learns the skills that serve them best, as well as how they can best serve the organization. Having managers train for a Six Sigma black belt certification will enable them to find a solid understanding of the methods that can be used to better coach the members of their project team. Team members should be trained as green belts to learn the proper skills necessary to work together within the framework of the methodology for the best end results. Support staff will find the yellow belt training beneficial, while a white belt will best serve others in the organization that are not part of the project team to perform their daily duties to the best of their ability and in accordance with the “big picture” for the organization.

How is Six Sigma Training for Indianapolis Businesses Coordinated?

The most traditional form of Six Sigma training in Indianapolis is through classroom instruction. This educational setting allows trainees to hear and see examples of the Six Sigma process, then apply it themselves shortly after when they are back among the group. However, a quality Six Sigma program will be flexible and offer a larger number of avenues for instruction. On-site training allows for any the trainee to learn in the setting in which the methodology will be used, which is quite valuable. Additionally, an online classroom-training program may serve the best need if a trainee must go through training around the regularly scheduled workday.

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