Six Sigma Training in Greater Newark

Newark is an amazing place to live, work and play. Its proximity to the nation’s capital, to Wilmington, Philadelphia and other major cities in the region make it simple to get almost anywhere and do anything, from sightseeing to business expansion. For business owners, it’s also a challenging place due to the high concentration of companies. It means lots of competition. However, you can improve your odds by investing in your employees through Six Sigma training in Greater Newark, New Jersey.

It’s Already in Play

If you want a perfect example of why your business needs to invest in Six Sigma training in Greater Newark, NJ, consider the fact that many of your competitors are likely already rolling out their own Six Sigma initiatives. A broad range of companies has already gotten on board, including Prudential Financial, AstraZeneca, Fiserv, Hologic, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred Freezer Services and more. You really can’t afford to let your competitors beat you to the punch.

What Employers Should Know about Six Sigma

Before you consider providing Six Sigma training in Greater Newark, you should understand a few things about it. First and foremost, Six Sigma is a process improvement model. Trained professionals use statistical modeling and mathematics to drill down to the crux of the problem within a process. Based on this, an accurate correction can be made, and then the situation can be monitored over time.

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Six Sigma training in Philadelphia

There’s more you should know. For instance, you’ll need to invest in the right types of training. White and yellow belt training are ideal options for general staff who will work in support of teams but not play an active role on the team itself. Your teams should be comprised of and led by green belt holders. Black belt holders should act as project managers within your organization, and master black belt holders can provide mentorship and training, as well as advocacy. Each of these “belts” can be obtained through Six Sigma training in Greater Newark with the right training provider.

This brings us to yet another important consideration – the training provider. There’s no accreditation system in the industry, so you’ll need to choose a provider based on their reputation in the industry, their length of history, and the quality of their credentials (international acceptance). You should also pay close attention to their course delivery methods, with online and onsite courses being the better choices.

With the right training provider, your company can benefit from Six Sigma.

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