Six Sigma Training in Glendale, California

The animation industry in the United States has always had a major presence in Glendale, with the likes of Walt Disney Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation having had or still have, a major presence in the city. Now, as you will easily agree, this is an industry based on extreme precision. In most cases, there is absolutely no margin for error at all. Not only that, there is also a HUGE amount of effort that goes into creating animation, with detailing being the key to getting things right.

It is under such circumstances that we find six sigma training Glendale making a very big difference as far as quality of animation produced in the city is concerned; it teaches animators to be precise at all times in their work with practically zero defects whatsoever. A perfect example would be the days prior to computerization; with all animation having to be done by hand, there really was no margin for error at all. And as when errors did creep in, the end result was that the animation never struck a chord with the audience, or in most cases, had to be scrapped altogether. Today of course all animation is done with the help of computers yet that does not take away the importance of the human factors; conceptualizing, storytelling, etc. all has to take place via humans. That is where six sigma training Glendale is playing a big part in ensuring that there is really no error whatsoever that creeps in at any stage.

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The Impact of Globalization

Globalization has also had a major role to play as far as six sigma training Glendale and its importance to the animation industry there is concerned. There was a time when the likes of Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, and others of their ilk produced films, television shows, etc. largely for American audiences. Today all that has changed rapidly. Global television networks and the Internet in particular have played a major part in ensuring that output from these studios reaches out to millions right around the world.

In turn, the studios also left no stone unturned in ensuring that when it came to uptake for their products on a global scale, there really was no looking back, with a plethora of marketing blitzkrieg initiatives aimed at enticing the global viewer towards the films and TV shows which these studios produced with consistent glee.

Now, when you have a product niche which has such a wide uptake globally, quality of course is of critical importance, whereby six sigma training Glendale took on even more prominence than ever before. Now, developers really had to work hard to ensure that they got things right in their work, while also keeping hitherto ignored aspects such as cultural sensitivity in mind. Likewise, if any nuance very specific to American culture was included in these animated works, there were variations produced in case of global audiences so that they could grasp things more easily.

All of this has come about more easily, thanks to the rise in six sigma training in Glendale.

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