Six Sigma Training in Fullerton

In the absence of six sigma training in Fullerton it is true that increasingly we find that defects creep into the manufacturing process one way or the other. That is the reason when we look at the city of Fullerton it has embraced six sigma principles so wholeheartedly since it knows that this is the best way forward as far as avoiding defects are concerned.

No leeway for defects

There was a time when there was ample leeway for defects. In fact perfection or even near-perfection was considered impossible since some errors or defects were bound to creep in during the manufacturing process or even the process of rendering a service. Today there is no such acceptance; instead, emphasis is placed on ensuring that there are practically no defects at all! All this has come about after the emergence of six sigma training in Fullerton since it has proved that it is indeed possible to override all sorts of defects altogether. In fact it is the very heart or core of six sigma principles where zero defects are so emphatically stressed upon. Prior to the emergence of six sigma principles, it is true that defects were largely accepted but now that six sigma principles have burst onto the scene, there is really no reason to believe that defects can be accepted or that nothing can be done about them.

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Fierce competition

Fierce competition across so many different fields has been a major reason for which zero defects have become the mantra of today. In the past, many industries – and the organizations which operated in them, simply did not have any competition at all! Today that is nowhere near being the case since practically every industry has so many different players, all eagerly seeking a slice of the pie. In particular we find that there are many overseas entities manufacturing items which were previously made in the US far more efficiently and effectively, at much lower costs. In a lot of these cases, yes there have been defects from time to time but largely it is true that they too have ensured strict adherence to quality standards. A prime example would be Foxconn in China which manufactures the iconic iPhone – there are instances galore like it, especially from China.

All of this clearly leads us to believe that here in the US we need to pave the way for zero defects and six sigma training in Fullerton is showing us the way. We simply need to follow the cues and not be resistant to change; doing so would be a very big fallacy. Thankfully the attitude in Fullerton is of wholehearted acceptance of the principle of zero defects. Accordingly, today we are seeing a trend where all thanks to six sigma training in Fullerton defects have been practically rendered history. Yes there are exceptions to this trend but they are really small in comparison to the way in which defects have by and large been negated altogether.

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