Lean Six Sigma Training in Fort Worth, Texas

In organizations, it is often important for members to “know their role.” This is an important part of efficiency in a business. When members of a team are given specific duties and obligations, and fully understand what is expected of them, the team is much more likely to be successful.

On the other hand, if roles are not clearly defined, team members may take it upon themselves to complete certain tasks or work toward certain goals, which may or may not be the focus of the organization as a whole. This also creates issues because there may be some tasks that are done more than once due to a lack of understanding and communication. Furthermore, other tasks may not be completed at all. This type of breakdown in a system is exactly what Six Sigma training in Fort Worth aims to avoid.

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Six Sigma training in Dallas

There are multiple levels of Six Sigma training, which a Fort Worth business can use to provide a workforce with a specific set of tools for their role within the organization. The implementation roles include:

    • A master black belt is the top of the food chain, so to speak, and works solely on the optimization process of the organization. Master black belts lead others, including black belts, by keeping them on track with the statistical and mathematical functions of Six Sigma. A master black belt oversees multiple projects across several departments to ensure that the Six Sigma methodology is being properly followed throughout the entire organization.
    • Black belts have a similar role, but instead of supervising the entire organization, they concentrate on managing specific projects. Their task is to keep the project organized and efficient through the Six Sigma method and to lead the project team.
    • Members of the organization that receive certification as a green belt work on the project team. They follow the methodology and implement the strategies set forth by black belts to achieve the goal of the project. Green belts are knowledgeable of Six Sigma methods, but have responsibilities outside of them as well.
    • Yellow belts are trained in Six Sigma, but are support for the members of the project team.
    • A white belt employee holds only the basic Six Sigma training, and handles daily tasks and duties.


With quality Six Sigma training for your Fort Worth business, employees will be on the same page, and work efficiently toward the common goal of the organization.

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