Six Sigma Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana

There is a common saying that failure to plan is planning to fail. All too often, companies will move forward with efforts to operate their business affairs without planning their attack in the best way possible. This can lead to a system that does not reach its maximum potential in the best case, and completely breaks down at worst. However, thanks to Six Sigma training, Fort Wayne businesses can better prepare themselves for success.

Six Sigma is a system to improve the processes of an organization. It educates workers at all levels and provides them with the specific tools needed to be the best they can be. The training is flexible, and therefore suitable for all businesses  thousands of which have utilized Six Sigma in the last few decades. Training can be done on-site, online, or in a classroom setting at a central location  whatever best serves the workers and organization.

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Six Sigma training in Indianapolis

Many programs that make claims to improve a business processes rely simply on guesswork, trial and error. This is when Six Sigma training for Fort Wayne businesses is different. Six Sigma utilizes a scientific method, known as DMAIC, to improve the organization and implementation strategies in an existing business.

This stands for:

  • Define  The system itself is defined, as are the ideal objectives of the system.
  • Measure  Using a mathematical model, the system is measured according to key data that has been collected.
  • Analyze  The data is then analyzed to determine what defects are in the system, meaning what areas a business or operation must improve in order to become more efficient and thereby successful. In other words, seeking out the root of the problem.
  • Improve  Design a plan to fix the broken parts of the system and optimize it. In extreme cases, an entirely new system must be developed.
  • Control  Finally, once the appropriate changes have been made, control systems are implemented to keep the organization on track and performing at peak proficiency.

The DMAIC methodology is a system of quality control that forces an organization to take an honest look at itself. Instead of assuming workers and processes are as efficient as possible, with Six Sigma training, Fort Worth business owners will know if improvements can be made. Plus, once deemed necessary, a proper training program will provide the education, skills and tools necessary to get the job done better than ever before.

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