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With a population of over 100,000, Erie, Pennsylvania is the fourth largest city in the state and a critical economic hub between the cities of Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. Erie was once one of the country’s biggest economic centers for heavy industry. Though heavy industry is not as prominent in Erie as it was in the past, the city is now prospering from innovative plastic manufacturing, biofuel production, and a strong insurance and services industry.

These new industries have helped the city thrive in the new American economy that is less reliant on heavy manufacturing. By optimizing their production and delivery processes, these companies are efficiently providing products and services to customers all across the country.

Are you looking for new strategies to transform your organization’s internal processes and controls? Many of Erie’s largest employers such as Erie Insurance Group and Parker-Hannifin have benefited from using Six Sigma methodology to guide process improvement. This system has proven results all over the world and can help your Erie, PA business achieve greater success in the global economy.

What Does the Six Sigma Process Deliver?

A company that correctly applies Six Sigma principles is able to cut costs significantly without sacrificing the quality of their products in services. In fact, most companies find that by using Six Sigma to guide their process improvement, they can actually improve service while lowering costs.

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Six Sigma training in Pittsburgh

The Six Sigma methodology utilizes statistical analysis to identify the internal processes that are inefficient, wasteful, and redundant. Eliminating or improving these processes can save a company millions of dollars. Those trained in Six Sigma are able to target these processes one by one and produce savings of time and resources worth as much as $100,000 yearly.

Why Choose Six Sigma Training in Erie?

Erie has a number of professional development providers who implement systems other than Six Sigma, but Six Sigma is a program that is specifically designed to provide practical solutions and immediate value. Unlike some other types of process improvement programs, Six Sigma is grounded in statistics and mathematics. You can be confident that your decisions are data-driven and backed by cold, hard facts.

Six Sigma training in Erie Pennsylvania is geared towards application and execution. Individuals examine case studies, complete simulations, and then apply these statistical methods to their own businesses. In this way, participants are able to immediately apply what they’ve learned and start transforming the operations of their respective companies.

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