Six Sigma Training Turning Back the Clock for Elgin, IL

About 35 miles north of Chicago, Elgin is one of the largest cities in Illinois and has a population over 110,000 people. In the early 1900s, Elgin boasted one of the largest fine watch industries in the world and also had the world’s largest watchmaking complex. Since the industry declined, Elgin has remained a vital economic center with growing industries in retail, public sector, and recreation. These new companies in Elgin are driving the local economy and providing thousands of jobs to the region northwest of Chicago.

A large number of these companies are doing what they can to adapt to modern economy that is globalized and moves rapidly. Unlike the old watch manufacturers, these companies are using technology to remain relevant and profitable. If you are looking for a new system to improve your company’s performance, you may want to implement Six Sigma training in Elgin, IL. Several of the top employers in Elgin, IL such as JP Morgan & Chase are improving product quality and customer satisfaction through the use of Six Sigma principles.

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If you aren’t familiar with Six Sigma, it is a measurement-based approach to process improvement. As companies and their processes are being more complex, many are finding it more difficult than in the past to locate the sources of inefficiency and waste. As a company gets larger, it sometimes gets less efficient, and this leads to rising costs for production and delivery of services.

The Six Sigma methodology uses statistical analysis to help companies of any size identify where they are most inefficient. Using company data, these statistical tests help companies locate and then improve the processes that are causing their costs to rise. Six Sigma training in Elgin helps companies produce better products and lower costs, so that they can compete at a higher level in the global marketplace.

This is a program that has helped several businesses in Elgin, and could potentially benefit yours as well. There are many Six Sigma providers in Elgin, and they can help design a training program that best meets the needs of your staff. Advanced Six Sigma training in Elgin, IL can be provided for those who will lead the process improvement projects, and these individuals will be certified as Green Belts and Black Belts. You can also provide training to support staff and others which will give a general understanding of Six Sigma but is less time-consuming. These programs certify participants as White and Yellow Belts.

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