Six Sigma Training in Davenport, Iowa

Davenport, Iowa, the largest of the Quad Cities, has a population of over 100,000 residents and keeps growing rapidly. Though the city traditionally has had a large manufacturing industry, other sectors are becoming important drivers of the economy such as the growing IT and technology sector. The local economy is booming thanks to its companies which are performing well regionally and nationally.

As the economy recovers, many businesses are looking for new ways to expand while controlling costs. Are you looking for new strategies to improve your company’s efficiency?

Many of the local businesses in Davenport are building on their recent success by minimizing their waste and reducing variation in their production. Some of these companies are doing this by adopting Six Sigma methodology into their process improvement projects. John Deere, Alcoa, Kone, and other local companies have all used Six Sigma to help them cut costs and improve their operations. If you are trying to make your production and business processes more efficient, Six Sigma training in Davenport could be the answer.

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What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology for process improvement that is data-driven and uses statistical analysis. Practitioners use specific statistical tests to measure and compare the efficiency of different business processes. This allows companies to identify which processes are wasteful, bottlenecks, or redundancies in production. Six Sigma is a program that can analyze both production of products and delivery of services, so it has been used by thousands of organizations across the world

The goal of Six Sigma is to help businesses improve their operations to minimize waste and defects. This saves money, but also increases the quality of the products. The methodology empowers individuals to confidently make decisions that are based on data, and not guesswork. This leads to more effective and reliable process improvement.

What You Should Know about Six Sigma Training in Davenport Iowa?

Six Sigma programs are provided by many organizations in Davenport, and they can be delivered online, in person, or onsite. Organizations that are trying to improve processes and cut costs will train project leaders to be certified as Green Belts and Black Belts. These training sessions can last two to four weeks, but will teach participants how to fully use Six Sigma and its statistical techniques.

Companies can also train support staff and other workers to be certified as White Belts and Yellow Belts. This training program takes less time, and will give individuals a basic understanding of the methodologies.

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