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Six Sigma Training In Dallas

As a professional in Dallas today, one of the best ways to better your chances of getting a job is to obtain Six Sigma training. What’s the buzz over Six Sigma? Six Sigma has gained favor in many different industries because it is a proven method of success. Devised in the 1990s, it is a system of mathematical analysis that can find the strengths and weaknesses of nearly any business process, from the fields of health care and education to traditional manufacturing.

Six Sigma professionals are classified by their area of expertise and their level of professional experience in terms of accomplishments and time spent on the job. A Six Sigma yellow belt represents a general level of qualification in the realm of Six Sigma and gives the person an overall understanding of all Six Sigma belt colors and methods as applied to specific areas of the business process. A green belt is more specialized and represents a focus on quality control.  A black belt represents a higher level of expertise in multiple areas of the Six Sigma system.

Here are just few of the many employers who are looking for employees who are Six Sigma savvy.

  • Bank of America
  • Citigroup
  • CVS Caremark
  • Methodist Dallas
  • Honeywell
  • Fannie Mae
  • Swift Transportation
  • Walmart

Whether you work in the automotive sector, whether you’re a banker in training or a retail manager, chances are you’ll be part of a team that will use Six Sigma analysis to figure out what is working and what needs fixing in whatever company where you’ll report to work. More employers will want you once you have the training.

Getting certified in Six Sigma is a very reachable, realistic goal for today’s busy professional in the Dallas area. But you do want a Dallas-based program that is well-recognized and respected. A program should be recognized by different companies that use Six Sigma in their processes and be recognized by companies in Dallas who are currently hiring qualified employees.

You don’t want a program that is not recognized, as it will leave you still unable to get hired by companies where you’d like to work. Many companies will endorse specific programs and these are the programs you want. You also want a program that is tuned to your career goals. One who wants to work on a team is better suited with a green belt program, but if you’re goal is to be a supervising manager, you’ll want a master black belt program.

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