Fort Campbell Taking Cues from Lean Six Sigma Training in Clarksville

Given the prominence of Fort Campbell to Clarksville, it is hardly a surprise that every possible move aimed at streamlining operations at the camp are explored emphatically. After all, this is a camp which serves as the base for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment as well as the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army. Moreover, while the camp straddles both Tennessee and Kentucky, much of the camp actually lies within Tennessee and the biggest financial as well as overall impact per se from an economic and cultural standpoint invariably falls on Clarksville.

Accordingly, among the various steps taken to ensure that Fort Campbell operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, we find that lean six sigma training in Clarksville is certainly making a big difference. You see, whenever it comes to any such large sized camp, inefficiencies invariably creep in – resources may not be utilized effectively or in some cases may simply be strewn about in complete waste.

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Now, any and every such instance not only has a direct impact on the local economy, it has wide-ranging, nationwide implications given the fact that all such actions or inactions affect pretty much everyone concerned. After all, all such army bases are funded through taxpayer money – when resources are not deployed as they should be, it is wastage of resources of the entire nation. That is the reason lean six sigma training in Clarksville is being so earnestly looked at as a mean which will ensure that resources are utilized as optimally as possible. Wherever there is scope for reducing wastage, every such opportunity is being explored with immense enthusiasm and fervor.

The efforts are paying off Today as we see, the efforts made in this direction are definitely paying off. For instance, we find that resources are no longer strewn around in waste. Moreover, the amount of effort and time which is being invested towards training in this direction means that all such wastage in the future is effectively being curtailed.

6Sigma.us is no doubt highly pleased with the progress made with regard to lean six sigma training in Clarksville. In fact in that spirit, it has been actively offering courses where six sigma principles are taught to trainees. This includes trainees from Fort Campbell as well as others in Clarksville since at the end of the day, it benefits everyone concerned. Not only that, it is also true that when it comes to six sigma principles as a whole, they go beyond simply lean six sigma principles only, to include a variety of diverse aspects and realms.

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