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Six Sigma Training In Chicago

The Six Sigma method is credited with saving billions of dollars for companies that regularly use it. Chicago-based Motorola Corp. is just one firm which supports Six Sigma. In 2005, the company said it saved $17 billion by using Six Sigma methods in its business models to improve productivity. Six Sigma is an organized group of mathematical tools and models that is used to quantify the effectiveness of different methods used by companies to reach their productivity goals. It is used world-wide and has gained greater and greater favor as companies adapt to the fast-paced global economy.

This is why more and more companies in Chicago and all over the USA are demanding that their employees possess Six Sigma training. The good news is that Six Sigma training is very accessible and affordable for today’s job seeker in Chicago.

Here are some of the Chicago-based employers who named Six Sigma training as a key qualification in current, posted job ads

  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
  • KraftCorp
  • Landcorp
  • Motorola
  • Northwest Community Healthcare
  • Olympic Steel
  • PNC Bank
  • United Airlines
  • US Foods
  • Valspar Corp

Six Sigma training gives a person the ability to analyze any productivity model in a specific way. The method is universal and can be applied to identify and eliminate errors made in customer service or in the manufacturing of products.

Planning your specific education in Six Sigma depends on your professional goals. Are you a brand-new college graduate who is finding that you’re not getting job offers despite having a degree that qualifies you for your field? Are you experienced in your profession but find that you’re getting passed over for promotions? Many professionals find they just need to tweak their skill so they can communicate with managers and other professionals who happened to acquire the Six Sigma credentials when the company decided to go with the Six Sigma system.

Fortunately for you, Chicago-based Six Sigma programs are available that can give you the missing credentials that will enable you to be competitive in the market for that new job or that next career step you haven’t been able to take.

Choose a program that is well-recognized in the Chicago area and by Chicago area employers. Most programs offer flexibility. Make sure you enroll in a program that gives you the scheduling options you need so you can continue with the other obligations of your life while reaching your professional goals.

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