Learn Statistical Analysis for Businesses in Ann Arbor MI with Six Sigma

As the home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor has always been a center for technology, research, and intellectual inquiry. In this education environment, Six Sigma training has provided high quality methodology and practical tools to individuals who want to improve the operational integrity of their organizations. Even students in Ann Arbor, MI have seen the usefulness of enrolling in Six Sigma courses and have gone on to get certified as White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, and Black Belts. This type of practical and real-world training will equip any graduate of Six Sigma with a framework for achieving greater efficiency in work processes.

What Is Six Sigma Training?

Six Sigma is a training course, but also a body of knowledge that helps individuals identify strategies for creating operational excellence. After completing Six Sigma training, a person will be able to go back to their organization, identify the root cause of a problem, and propose solutions.

When using this knowledge, a person’s main goal is to find ways to provide the best possible product at the lowest cost. By looking at the entire business process as a whole and investigating every individual component, you will be able to target the appropriate areas for improvement.

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Though this training is especially useful for those in business organizations, the truth is that Six Sigma can improve efficiency in any type of organization, including government organizations and nonprofits. For example, in Ann Arbor Michigan, Six Sigma training has been adopted by a number of businesses but also by the nonprofit Gift of Life Michigan. This methodology helped them move closer to operational excellence and provide better nonprofit services.

Data and Measurement

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