Six Sigma Training in Allentown PA

Though Allentown, Pennsylvania used to be heavily involved in manufacturing, it has recently had a rebirth as a more service-oriented economy. As the largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it has started to benefit from rapid growth and is growing faster than any other city in the state.

In this new service-based, competitive economy, many of businesses in Allentown are searching for new tools and frameworks to better compete on a national and global scale. To continue this recent growth, these companies are focusing on improving their own processes and becoming as efficient as the world’s best corporations.

How can an organization learn to do this? How can a business train its employees to solve problems and make better business decisions?

Many of Allentown’s companies, such as Air Products & Chemicals, are turning to Six Sigma training in Allentown to give them a methodology that makes process improvement easy. By teaching decision makers the concepts of Six Sigma, they can utilize the data that they have to transform the way they conduct business.

Currently there is no training schedule available for Allentown. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in nearby location

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How Does Six Sigma Work?

Six Sigma is a system for understanding and measuring how the individual processes of a business are operating. Using Six Sigma methodology, individuals can employ statistical analysis to determine which business processes are wasteful, inefficient, and contributing disproportionately to a business’s costs.  Once these processes are identified, a business can improve or eliminate them. This helps a business cut costs and improve service.

Improving internal efficiency is essential to any business in the modern economy. If a business cannot streamline its own operations, it won’t be able to provide its best possible products at the lowest possible cost. These businesses get in the way of their own success and are unable to compete with those that have internalized and correctly applied Six Sigma principles.

What Types of Six Sigma Programs Are Available?

There are various organizations that provide Six Sigma training in Allentown Pennsylvania. Depending on your own circumstances it might make the most sense to receive the training online, in person, or onsite.  There are also accelerated programs and programs that combine both online and in person lessons.

There are various levels of Six Sigma instruction in Allentown including: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. Green Belt and Black Belt programs take from two to four weeks to complete and train individuals to independently use Six Sigma methods for process improvement. White Belt and Yellow Belt programs are shorter, but they provide a more general understanding of the Six Sigma concepts

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