Six Sigma Certification in Yonkers, New York

Behind Buffalo, Rochester and the Big Apple itself, Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in New York with a population approaching 200,000 people. Of course, tens of thousands more visit the city every year because of tourist attractions like the Hudson River Museum, Sherwood House and the Science Barge, amongst many others. Getty Square in downtown Yonkers features every major national bank including Wells Fargo, Chase (which has two branches there) and Citibank. Kawasaki Heavy Industries also has their rolling stock division in Yonkers too.

While all this business is good for the economy, it means stiff competition for the companies that also make their home in Yonkers. That’s why Six Sigma Certification in Yonkers, New York is such an important asset to leverage. While much has been made of this legendary system, it has been refined since 1986 to become incredibly user-friendly. In fact, a big part of Six Sigma Certification in Yonkers, New York is understanding how implementation works, making it as efficient as possible.

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At its heart, that’s what Six Sigma is all about. The strategy has found so many fans because it is so effective at taking important systems, breaking them down to their essential parts and looking for areas where improvements mean better quality control.

Employees can benefit from Six Sigma Certification in Yonkers, New York as well. The system has been proven to boost morale as it gives employees a shared language to use when approaching problem solving. This also makes collaboration across departments much easier, as everyone has a common foundation to begin working from. Too many companies aren’t making the most of their employees because this resource is often burdened with obstacles either when working with one another or taking orders from their leadership.

Of course, there’s also the fact that Six Sigma Certification in Yonkers, New York looks great on a resume. Whether someone is searching for a job or is hoping to earn a promotion, being certified in Six Sigma proves they are going above and beyond to improve themselves and often doing it “off the clock” with their own time.

For all these reasons and more, Six Sigma is a resource everyone should be taking advantage of, just like millions around the world already have.

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