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There are some things that practically all companies share in common. Obviously, they all need a product or service to provide. They also need to have a business model that outlines how they will do so while turning the highest profit possible. Most also include a number of employees and a strategy for allocating them. However, many of the best companies in the entire world also have one very interesting thing in common: Six Sigma. You can join them by receiving Six Sigma certification in West Covina, California.

If you haven’t heard of Six Sigma before, your West Covina, California company is missing out on one of the best possible methods for limiting waste and overhead, so you have more profits to enjoy.

This may sound like a gimmick, but Six Sigma certification in West Covina, CA has been around for nearly 30 years. It was invented by Motorola back in the mid-80s. At the time, the company was suffering from a problem you may be familiar with: their own inefficiencies. The number one thing standing between them and the market share they wanted wasn’t a bad economy or a strong competitor. Instead, it was their own mistakes.

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Now, many companies have this type of challenge, but often choose to practically ignore it. They just accept that some amount of waste is part of any business plan and leave it at that.

However, if you can refuse to believe that this is the case, then Six Sigma is worth your time. Other companies with Six Sigma certification in West Covina include Excelitas Technologies Corp., Inland Empire Health Plan and Southern California Edison. They are just three examples of local businesses that have flourished thanks to this system.

After Motorola invented this strategy and used it to move forward, most companies were still unaware of its potential. That is, however, until Jack Welch took over General Electric and found himself with a similar problem. He knew about Six Sigma and applied it to his new company. Not only did the business become the powerhouse it is today, but Welch would go on to be named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine.

At its core, this strategy is a collection of techniques that focus on identifying where waste is created and then eliminating the factors that make this possible. To put it simply, eliminate variability and you’ll eliminate the formidable inefficiencies most companies have to contend with.

While your company could use a number of different approaches to improve, none will compare to the ease-of-use and effectiveness of Six Sigma certification in West Covina.

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