Six Sigma Certification in Vacaville

No matter what its status is, you’d be smart to look for every possible advantage your company can leverage in today’s modern economy. If the recession taught us anything, it should be that things can change without a moment’s notice. Many business owners thought they had years to get their organization into gear. Then, one day, they woke up and found everything had turned upside down.

One really smart way to prepare for the future—whatever it may bring—is with Six Sigma certification in Vacaville. Once you have a firm grasp on this famous business technology, your business will have no problem reaching its potential. You’ll also have an easier time dealing with any adversity that shows up in the years to come.

The roots of Six Sigma certification in Vacaville go back a full 30 years. This isn’t some new gimmick that just sprung up overnight. Back in the ‘80s, Motorola had to confront a serious problem: they weren’t very good at manufacturing.

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By all accounts, this revelation took them by surprise. They had brought over a firm from Japan to man one of their factories. Immediately, it was clear the Japanese workers had their own way of doing things and it was far superior to the way Motorola’s people in the US did them.

Practically overnight, the Japanese firms cut defects down by some 95%. Motorola would spend years learning what made those workers so efficient and then distilling those findings into instructions eventually called Six Sigma.

About 10 years after that, Jack Welch was in charge of GE and confronted with a similar problem. It only made sense, then, to apply Six Sigma. Once again, this technology worked wonders. Welch didn’t just get the company back on track, he was later named “Manager of the Year” by Fortune Inc. The CEO was sold on Six Sigma, he even wrote a book on the subject.

Now it’s your turn. With Six Sigma certification in Vacaville, California, your company can begin triumphing over all matter of challenges. Keep in mind, too, that this approach isn’t just for manufacturing outfits. Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Merrill Lynch are just a few examples of businesses that have used Six Sigma without really making anything.

By obtaining Six Sigma certification in Vacaville, CA, you’ll join companies like Partnership HealthPlan of California, Kaiser Permanente, NorthBay Healthcare and others that have used this potent collection of business techniques.

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