Six Sigma Certification in Thornton

Looking for a leg up in your market? Every business owner should be. If you were lucky enough to make it through the recession, you may need help now more than ever just to remain a viable business. On the other hand, you may be in a prime position to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Either way, Six Sigma certification in Thornton should be your main focus right now. It’s such a simple step for you to take, yet it could make all the difference to your organization’s future.

Several companies in your area have utilized Six Sigma. These include Teletech, McKesson and Level 3 Communications. This is because Six Sigma certification in Thornton has long proven to be worth the time and effort you put into acquiring it.

If you’re not familiar with Six Sigma certification in Thornton, Colorado, it’s worth going back a few decades to when it all began. Back in the 80s, Motorola stumbled upon quite the problem. To put it simply, they found out that the manufacturing wing of their operation was lackluster to say the least. Their people were producing 20 times the defects that a team they brought in from Japan had.

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Six Sigma training in Las Vegas

To rectify this problem, Motorola spent years devising a business protocol that would attack these inefficiencies and also make it easier to find others. Upon completion, their invention was able to keep their defects to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

Of course, as word got out, more and more companies wanted a piece of this new operation. One famous example of a company adopting Six Sigma is General Electric. Jack Welch was the CEO in the ‘90s, but his corporation was heading south. Fortunately, he knew about Six Sigma, applied it and fixed the problems that were hurting business. Welch would later go on to actually write a book on Six Sigma, he was so fond of it.

Other businesses that have used Six Sigma include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Sony and Dannon. As you can see, these are some pretty diverse businesses. Yours doesn’t even need to manufacture anything to benefit from Six Sigma certification in Thornton, CO.

If your business is currently experiencing setbacks, Six Sigma may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. However, even if things seem to be going fine at the moment, Six Sigma is worth the investment in order to reach your company’s potential.

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