6Sigma Certification in Springfield, Missouri

With a population hovering around 160,000, Springfield is the most populous city in Missouri. That number was up over 5% compared to the 2000 census and the city has continued to see more and more residents since the 2010 census reported 160,000 people. The metropolitan area represents more than 430,000 people spread over five counties. Three universities have presences in Springfield too. These are Evangel University, Drury University and Missouri State University.

The economy in Springfield is made up mostly by businesses in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, tourism and education industries. Whether your company falls into one of these categories or you do something different, Six Sigma certification in Springfield, Missouri can help you do more.

Many are familiar with Six Sigma because of Jack Welch, who leveraged this business system to bring General Electric to even greater levels of success. However, before it benefited GE, it was invented by Motorola almost 10 years earlier, in 1986. Motorola believed that its manufacturing practices were problematic, so they invented a system for addressing this, later called Six Sigma. The name is a reference to manufacturing language regarding statistical modeling. That doesn’t mean Six Sigma certification in Springfield, Missouri is only for manufacturers though. Motorola used this technology to limit defects to just 0.00034% of their units. Now, if you switch out  units for the word  opportunities , you can probably see how thousands of other companies from all over the world have improved their processes by using Six Sigma.

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Six Sigma success stories include Amazon.com, Ford, Bank of America, 3M, Raytheon and many others. The U.S. Army and Marines have also benefited from this system.

Businesses don’t just improve on a macro-scale thanks to a Six Sigma certification in Springfield, Missouri. Six Sigma represents how important your employees are, meaning they’ll come away as better versions of themselves too. Namely, this means they are trained to evaluate the systems around them and look for problems. They also experience a boost in morale, as Six Sigma helps them better understand not just the work they themselves do, but how to work with others when it comes time to collaborate.

Don’t let your Springfield business fall short of its goals because you didn’t take the time to benefit from Motorola’s invention. With Six Sigma certification in Springfield, Missouri, your business will nurture an environment of constantly analyzing company practices with an eye for improving things.

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