Six Sigma Certification in South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana is full of companies that would like to improve the way they operate. Why wouldn’t they? The city remains a thriving economy, even with the recent downturn that burdened the entire globe. That doesn’t mean things are easy for local businesses though. This is why always looking for an edge is important for any business here.

While you have a number of options for doing this, it’s easy to suggest applying Six Sigma certification in South Bend, Indiana. On paper, this business strategy seems too good to be true. Countless businesses all over the world have used it and seen impressive gains. In many instances, it’s the solution that turned their entire business around.

This is definitely no gimmick though. For one thing, it was actually invented by Motorola, a company whose name speaks for itself. Most businesses wouldn’t mind taking advice from this multinational corporation, but today, your company can actually take advantage of their own creation by obtaining Sigma certification in South Bend, IN.

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In 1986, Motorola had identified a problem that was holding them back and it wasn’t good. They found out that it was their own inefficiencies that were getting in the way of their success. As opposed to just accepting they’d always have some degree of waste and looking elsewhere to improve, Motorola invented the strategy of Six Sigma and went on to become the behemoth they are today.

Like we mentioned above, though, this is far from the only success story on this business system’s resume. In fact, the one that really put Six Sigma on the map occurred at General Electric. Jack Welch was heading the company and facing similar problems to the ones Motorola had nearly 10 years prior. He instituted Six Sigma and not only pushed GE forward, but was later awarded the title of “Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine.

Six Sigma isn’t just for huge corporations either. Local businesses have also discovered how powerful Sigma certification in South Bend can be. AM General LLC, The Newburgh Group and Koontz-Wagner are just three examples of companies that have benefited from what Six Sigma can do.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your business isn’t carrying the burden of inefficient operations at the moment. Most are. However, you don’t have to accept them as the cost of doing business.

Instead, turn things around immediately with Sigma certification in South Bend. No business approach has a track record that can come close to comparing.

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