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Six Sigma Certification Seattle

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Six Sigma Certification in Seattle

Seattle is home to a broad range of industries, from tech companies to retail to manufacturing and much, much more. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are plenty of jobs to go around. It’s still a competitive environment, and if you’re seeking the means to get into a higher position with your current employer, Six Sigma certification in Seattle might just be the best path to follow. What should you know about Six Sigma and how it can enhance your promotion opportunities?

What’s Six Sigma All About?

To really understand how Six Sigma benefits your career prospects, you need to know what it’s all about. At its heart, Six Sigma is about process improvement – any process at all. While it might have gotten its start with manufacturing and tech, it’s applicable to every single industry on the planet. It’s even applicable to your daily job duties. Whether you’re in HR or payroll and accounting, whether you’re an executive manager or an administrative assistant, process improvement techniques let you enhance efficiency, eliminate errors, streamline processes and improve success. It’s as simple as that. This is why so many employers sponsor their employees through Six Sigma certification in Seattle.

What Companies Are Using Six Sigma?

You’ll find that Six Sigma has been adopted by a very broad swathe of companies in Seattle, with more getting onboard every day. Just a few of the firms in town using Six Sigma include the following:

  • Expediters International
  • Hector Arcaya
  • IRS
  • James Freight
  • Jorgensen Forge
  • Links Manufacturing Solutions
  • Port of Seattle
  • Quorum Review
  • Ross Feuerstein
  • Seattle Consulting, Inc.
  • Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind
  • T-Mobile
  • US EPA
  • UW Capital Projects Office
  • Vulcan, Inc.

What Sorts of Six Sigma Certification for Seattle Professionals Exist?

You’ll find a wide range of options in terms of Six Sigma certification in Seattle. For those who will be implementing process improvement techniques and theories in their day-to-day jobs, earning a white or yellow belt is the best option. These belts also let you work with team members as well. For those who will be part of a process improvement team, green belt training is ideal. It also gives you the skills to be a team leader. Project managers should pursue black belt training, while executive managers and Six Sigma advocates should pursue a master black belt in Six Sigma.

With the right Six Sigma certification in Seattle, you can enhance your ability to secure a promotion and make yourself a more valuable employee.

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