Six Sigma Certification in Santa Clarita, California

Six Sigma certification in Santa Clarita, California is a good idea for any individual or business located in Los Angeles County’s third most populous city. Aside from occupying most of Santa Clarita Valley, Santa Clara is also just 35 miles away from downtown Los Angeles, meaning there is no lack of competition for those trying to obtain larger pieces of the pie. Despite being less than 20 years old, Santa Clara has seen fairly rapid growth (a lot of this is due to annexing a number of incorporated areas), meaning competition is only getting stiffer.

Motorola is actually to thank for inventing Six Sigma, a quality control system that has helped countless companies in the nearly three decades since it was created. Just a handful of the companies that have benefited from Six Sigma include Amazon.com, 3M, Ford Motor Company, Sears and Raytheon. When you get Six Sigma certification in Santa Clarita, California, then, your company will join a pretty elite class of business.

Originally, Motorola came up with Six Sigma as a means for addressing manufacturing problems. The name even has roots in manufacturing terminology. However, since that time, just about every industry has seen a number of their companies adapt it for their unique needs. Back in 1986, Six Sigma was made to keep defects to 3.4 for every one million units. Today, “units” has been replaced by “opportunities.”

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Six Sigma training in Los Angeles

10 years after it debuted, Jack Welch made Six Sigma famous by adopting it for General Electric. More than that, though, he made it a major factor in their operations. It’s easy to see that this strategy worked out pretty well.

Will Six Sigma certification in Santa Clarita, California help your compny become the next General Electric? Perhaps. However, you can rest assured it will definitely help your company become less susceptible to system flaws. Every business operates thanks to a number of different systems. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy for these systems to take on certain issues over time or lack precision from their inception.

With Six Sigma certification in Santa Clarita, California, you’ll know how to search your company for these issues, realize they represent opportunities and then get to addressing them so they stop hurting your business.

Workers love Six Sigma too because it helps them do more in their role. By becoming a more effective employee, they know their job is better secured and that their resume has vastly improved, should they decide to look elsewhere.

Ensure your company is meeting its potential with Six Sigma.

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