Six Sigma certification in Santa Barbara

Given the weather and its proximity to so many great attractions, who wouldn’t love working in Santa Barbara? That being said, just because the city is plenty attractive doesn’t mean it’s any easier to run a business. In fact, the recession was especially hard on this part of California, and many problems are still lingering.

Despite these issues, you don’t need to have a gloomy outlook on the future if you own a business here. Instead, if you invested in Six Sigma certification in Santa Barbara, the recent economic downturn can actually be to your advantage.

That’s because Six Sigma certification in Santa Barbara will give you a leg up on the competition. While they’re working just to keep things together, you’ll be able to focus on improving what is already working. Doing so will save your business money and put you in a position to earn even more in the future.

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Six Sigma training in Los Angeles

Keep in mind, too, that Six Sigma certification in Santa Barbara, California isn’t some new option that came about in the wake of the recession. This strategy has been around for nearly 30 years. Plenty of your business neighbors have already benefited from this protocol as well. This list includes:

  • Channel Tech Group
  • Quality Engineer
  • Raytheon
  • Sonos, Inc.
  • Helix Medical
  • Inogen, Inc.

Just in case those businesses don’t sound familiar, here are some famously successful corporations that have used Six Sigma to their advantage:

  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • ITT Industries
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Kraft General Foods
  • Hitachi
  • 3M
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber

Wouldn’t you love for your business to have something in common with these industry juggernauts? With Six Sigma certification in Santa Barbara, CA, it can.

In case you’ve never heard of Six Sigma before, its main goal is to eliminate areas of waste within a company. It shows you how to find wasteful procedures and then correct their practices or otherwise get rid of them altogether.

When Motorola invented the protocol back in 1986, they had a huge problem with manufacturing. By using Six Sigma, the company dropped defects to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

Now it’s your turn. As the list above shows, it really doesn’t matter what industry your business is in or market you serve. Six Sigma is an all encompassing solution that can help your organization reach higher heights than ever before.

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