Why Six Sigma Certification in San Mateo Is a Good Investment

Like all business owners out there, you would probably love the opportunity to give your company a leg up. Whether you just want to beat out the competition, play catch-up or be ready for another economic downturn, there’s no reason not to make an investment in Six Sigma certification in San Mateo. It’s arguably the best way to give your business the advantage you want.

Of course, plenty of people say this about all kinds of products. That’s partially because there are more products today than ever before. Whether it’s software, hardware, training courses, books or consulting services, you could easily get lost weighing all your options.

Fortunately, with Six Sigma certification in San Mateo, it will most likely be pretty clear that this is your best choice, just as it has been for companies like Sony, Dell, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Amazon, Dannon and even the United States Army and Air Force.

You might be wondering what Six Sigma is. Although it’s probably the most popular business protocol on the planet, you may not have heard of it before. Six Sigma was invented by Motorola in 1986. However, its history actually goes back a number of years.

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Six Sigma training in San Francisco

In the late ‘70s, Motorola handed over control of one of their factories to a firm from Japan. Immediately, these new workers took over operation, completely changing how things were done. The result was obviously worth it, as the workers dropped the number of defects by 95%.

When Bob Galvin took over Motorola in 1981, he demanded that answers be found for what exactly changed with that one company. He also wanted to figure out how those changes could be spread throughout the company.

The result was Six Sigma. Nearly a decade later, it would be adopted by Jack Welch at GE and brought into further prominence.

These days, some of your neighbors like AB SCIEX, American Cyber Systems and Gilead have all made use of Motorola’s creation. Six Sigma certification in San Mateo, California is more popular than ever and for good reason. Whether your business has inefficiencies that are causing overhead or you simply want to see better results, this approach has proven itself time and time again.

Six Sigma certification in San Mateo, CA is beyond reproach as a means for getting more from what your business does. Every day you go without it, you risk your company’s future.

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