Six Sigma Certification in San Antonio

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Six Sigma Certification In San Antonio

San Antonio is a bustling city with a very large population, and it’s still growing. To serve that population, a tremendous number of businesses have made the city their home. However, those businesses (including yours) face a serious problem – remaining profitable and maintaining customer loyalty in a world where running leaner and with less loss is vital. Six Sigma certification for San Antonio workforces can help your business weather the current climate, and can future-proof your company against many problems it will face down the road.

Optimize or Fail

The last recession taught businesses a hard lesson – optimize your processes or be forced out of business. Process optimization and improvement offers significant benefits, but it’s difficult to achieve with any degree of accuracy. Six Sigma certification for San Antonio workers is the answer to the optimization problem.

Six Sigma was developed specifically for process improvement and optimization. It was built from the ground up to scientifically determine what is going wrong within a process and, more importantly, why it is going wrong. Determining the actual cause of inefficiencies and errors ensures that you’re able to accurately fix the problem. Other process improvement methods are little more than guessing, and you can’t afford to guess when the future of your business is on the line. Six Sigma professionals can analyze a process and identify the cause of errors and inefficiency. Then, they can use advanced modeling and testing methods to determine what needs to change in order to fix the problem and prevent future issues. Long term monitoring is also possible. That’s good news for your company.

Certification Levels Matter

Once you’ve decided that sponsoring your employees through Six Sigma certification in San Antonio is the right path forward, you’ll need to determine what belt levels your employees should hold. White belt training is advised for all general staff, even those who won’t be part of the Six Sigma team. These individuals will gain the ability to apply Six Sigma techniques to their daily duties, providing ongoing optimization and improvement. Yellow belt holders will be positioned to support your process team. Green belt holders will form the team itself, which will be led by a black belt holder. You should also have a master black belt holder to oversee all Six Sigma projects within your company.

As you can see, Six Sigma certification in San Antonio can help you build a more successful business.

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