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What if I told you that your company could take advice from some of the most successful companies in the entire world? What if I told you that businesses nearby San Angelo like L-3 Communications, Global Recruiters of Denver West and Sodexo all had a specific business procedure in common? More than likely, you’d be excited about learning more, right?

While this may sound too good to be true, Six Sigma certification in San Angelo will give you all the tools you need to join the ranks of businesses like Amazon, 3M, IBM, LG Electronics, Lockheed Martin, Kraft General Foods, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson and Johnson and Merrill Lynch. Those local businesses we listed above already have, so what are you waiting for? Six Sigma certification in San Angelo is effective and affordable.

Still, you’re smart to remain cautious. After all, there are countless options these days for improving your business or addressing problem areas. Just because we appear to be out of the recession doesn’t mean now is the time to start throwing around money needlessly.

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Fortunately, Six Sigma certification in San Angelo, TX pretty much sells itself. The protocol wasn’t invented in some lab or imagined up by a theoretician. Instead, it came out of the actual marketplace.

Back in the early ‘80s, Motorola discovered a serious challenge standing between them and dominating the market: themselves. They had moved a firm from Japan to California and gave them a factory to work. Almost immediately, the Japanese workers began producing far better results. Actually, it wasn’t even close. The new workers were able to drop defects by 95%.

Instead of just enjoying the fruits of this fluke, the CEO, Bob Galvin, invested in figuring out what caused these astonishing results. After nearly five years of research, the company arrived at the conclusion. The final product was known as Six Sigma and helped Motorola drop their defects to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

We now know that this wasn’t by chance. Amongst other examples, in 1995, Jack Welch used Six Sigma to help him turn General Electric around—no easy task. For his efforts, Fortune Magazine named him “Manager of the Century.”

There’s no guarantee that Six Sigma certification in San Angelo, Texas will bring you similar accolades. However, there is also little doubt that your business will improve by adopting the same techniques as some of the most successful companies in the entire world.

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