Your Business Will Benefit from Six Sigma Certification in Roseville

For any business to perform at its best, certain things have to happen. Obviously, you need the right people. The product or service has to be right, but the business also must find the right market. Some would suggest there even needs to be a bit of luck involved.

However, for those who want to make their own luck, Six Sigma certification in Roseville is a necessary ingredient for this winning formula. While you might be able to succeed without this certification on your side, it will most likely cost you dearly.

At its core, Six Sigma certification in Roseville is about giving your organization the skills to cut down on waste. After all, it doesn’t matter how much revenue your business brings in, if overhead is constantly chewing away at it.

This is what Motorola learned the hard way back in the late ‘70s. On paper, it appeared as though this business was doing everything right and probably well on its way to market domination.

What they found out upon closer inspection, though, was that they had become their own worst enemy. The company actually brought in a Japanese firm to manage one of their factories here in the US. Early on, it became abundantly clear that this new group of workers had their own way of doing things and that it was superior to the way Motorola had been operating.

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In hardly any time at all, the Japanese firm dropped defects by 95%. That’s obviously an astonishing result no matter what, but remember that Motorola was primarily in the manufacturing business. This was their bread and butter. Before this event, Motorola had been putting their livelihood at risk on a regular basis.

Six Sigma certification in Roseville. California aims to give your business the same degree of efficiency. Every company has overhead or areas where waste occurs. Your business doesn’t even have to manufacture anything for Six Sigma to have an impact though. Amazon and Merrill Lynch don’t make a thing, yet they’ve found use for this protocol.

Businesses near Roseville like Sutter Health, Tandem Recruiting Group and McKesson have all used this technology, just to name a few.

Now it’s your turn to leverage Six Sigma certification in Roseville, CA for your benefit. Even if you think your organization is currently running on all cylinders, you may be surprised by what Six Sigma can produce. Don’t become one of those poor companies that learns the hard way how much room they had to grow.

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