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Your company doesn’t need to be in trouble to understand how important it is to constantly improve its operations. In fact, most companies weren’t in any serious trouble prior to the recession hitting. Of course, once it did, a lot of businesses started wishing they had done things differently during the years leading up to it. Sadly, a lot of organizations never got a shot at doing so.

However, your company is still here, which means you can still do plenty to make sure it stays that way. While there are countless options available, Six Sigma certification in Roanoke, Virginia is an easy one to recommend.

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Very few business solutions are as successful as Six Sigma. Name another one that can count the following companies among its list of users:

  • 3M
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Dannon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Northern Ireland Electricity
  • Amazon
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Nokia

That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. Six Sigma has also been used by the United States Air Force, Army and NASA. Again, no other business technology comes anywhere close to having this list of adherents. There are even companies in the area have obtained Six Sigma certification in Roanoke, VA. Exelis, Hanover Insurance and Accellent are just a few examples.

Sufficed to say, Six Sigma delivers when it comes to quality results that actually make a difference. The technology also has an impressive track record in terms of how long it’s been around. Motorola originally invented it back in 1986, though it had been in development for years prior. That means you’ll be benefiting from a strategy that has been continuously tested for over 30 years.

Lastly, Six Sigma certification in Roanoke actually comes with a deployment method that’s ready to go. Once it’s been implemented, your company has a hierarchy in place that ensures all employees understand how the system works and are always using it in their roles.

Although Motorola used Six Sigma to resolve problems with their manufacturing processes, the above list of businesses should make clear that your company doesn’t actually need to make anything in order to take advantage of what Six Sigma can do.

Your company also doesn’t need to be in serious danger. All you need is the desire to see your business achieve more by removing any processes that may get in its way. Six Sigma certification in Roanoke can do this better than any other option and has the credentials to prove it.

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