Richardson Businesses Have Lots to Gain with Six Sigma

If you’ve been looking outside your company for ways to improve it, you probably aren’t lacking for options. There is no shortage of professionals claiming to have the answers you’re looking for. Of course, even with the recession more or less over, there are plenty of people looking for work too. The digital age has also produced all kinds of software you can rely on for improving how your company functions.

However, looking outside your organization may be a mistake. Instead, you have more to gain by looking inside your business. Others in the Richardson, Texas area have and wound up finding inefficiencies that were holding them back. Those that eventually diagnosed the problem and obtained Six Sigma certification in Richardson, Texas were much better off for it too.

Some examples of companies that have gotten used Six Sigma certification in Richardson, TX to their advantage include Inogen, Inc., Nexius and Methodist Health System. Why not become the next on the list?

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Six Sigma training in Dallas

Of course, Six Sigma certification in Richardson isn’t just confined to this city or even this country. Companies all over the world have used this popular business technology for years. Chances are that you’re plenty familiar with most of them too. Some of these include:

  • Dannon
  • Delta Airlines
  • Bank of America
  • 3M
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Kraft General Foods
  • LG Electronics
  • JP Morgan Chase

Obviously, if there’s something that all these successful businesses believe in and you have a chance to use it for your own business goals, it’s worth looking into

If you’re not familiar with Six Sigma, it’s been around for nearly 30 years. Motorola invented it back in the mid-80s as a method for attacking their debilitating waste problem. Despite how well they had been doing at the time, Motorola knew that their manufacturing process was a major sticking point that needed addressing.

Not only did they address it, they brought down defects to 3.4 for every one million items produced.

After that, Six Sigma slowly grew in popularity until Jack Welch used it in 1995. At the time, he was the CEO of GE and facing a similar situation with his company. Once again, Six Sigma did the job and Welch was later called the “Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine.

Instead of taking a chance with some unproven tactic, leverage Six Sigma certification in Richardson, with thousands of adherents to its name and get the results your company deserves.

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