The Advantages of Six Sigma Certification in Quincy

Given that we’re well into the digital age, it goes without saying that your business can benefit from a whole host of technological solutions. No matter what industry your organization is in or the service it provides, it’s worth researching how software can allow you to do it a better job.

Of course, people still matter. Your staff could be the difference between a business that performs well and a company that goes out of business.

In light of the recession, as a business owner, you should be thinking about these factors. If you want your business to survive whatever the future may bring next, you should be thinking about the steps you can take now to become ready for it.

One smart investment would be Six Sigma certification in Quincy. Despite its affordability, this famous protocol will give you the foundation your business needs for reaching its potential.

Before we go on further, let’s give some real world examples of how Six Sigma certification in Quincy can be beneficial. The following businesses have leveraged Six Sigma in some way as part of their operation:

  • Illumiti
  • iZotope Inc.
  • Biogen Idec
  • OSRAM Sylvania

These local organizations faced plenty of problems during the recession, yet came out the other end and are now thriving thanks to their application of Six Sigma.

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Six Sigma training in Boston

On top of that, obtaining Six Sigma certification in Quincy, Massachusetts will make your business a part of a very impressive pedigree. Amazon, Bank of America, American Express, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Honda, The Dow Chemical Company, Hewlett Packard and 3M are just some of the thousands of market leaders that have based their operations on Six Sigma principles.

In case you don’t know, Motorola actually invented the protocol back in 1986. It was the result of years of research focused on their manufacturing procedures. Despite their best efforts, their workers were producing far too many defects. Once they created Six Sigma, though, they were able to drop them to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities. Less than a decade later, Jack Welch would use this technology to save General Electric and write a book on the topic.

Now that you have a better understanding of Six Sigma certification in Quincy, MA, wouldn’t you agree it’s worth investing in? You know you can’t afford to let your business go stagnant. However, unlike other options, Six Sigma has a lock track record that proves it’s up to par.

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