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Six Sigma Certification in Pittsburgh

For professionals working in Pittsburgh, the path toward a more rewarding career can be difficult to chart. However, obtaining Six Sigma certification from Pittsburgh area courses can provide both you and your current organization significant benefits, without the headaches and hassles that come from jumping ship to try for a higher position with another employer. Six Sigma certification provides you with the education and training necessary to ramp up your career prospects.

What Is Six Sigma All About?

Six Sigma is actually pretty simple to define – it’s a platform for process improvement. It began with IBM back in the 1980s, and has since grown to encompass every single industry on the planet. It’s not confined to manufacturing. Retailers, food service companies, educators and government offices can all benefit from the application of these techniques. By getting Six Sigma certification, Pittsburgh professionals are able to offer those benefits to their organizations. With process improvement comes less loss, better profitability, less time spent, higher quality, and better customer satisfaction amongst numerous other benefits.

Where Is Six Sigma at Work in Pittsburgh?

You’ll find that Six Sigma is already widely adopted throughout the city of Pittsburgh. The following are just a few of the companies now focusing on implementing process improvement:

  • Ariba, Inc.
  • Braskem America
  • Center for Organ Recovery and Education
  • Highmark, Inc.
  • Koppers Inc.
  • National Real Estate Information Services
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific

How Do I Get Six Sigma Certification in Pittsburgh?

You’ll find that the range of training and education delivery has broadened considerably in recent years. If you’ll be sponsored by your employer to earn your certification, you will have access to the following course delivery methods, although your employer may ultimately choose the option that best suits their needs.

Onsite – Onsite training is delivered in person, through classes and group training sessions. This is perhaps the best choice for employers, as it allows multiple professionals to go through the certification process at the same time, during the same training class.

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