Six Sigma Certification in Overland Park, Kansas

As the second most populous city in Kansas, Overland Park has close to 175,000 people within its borders. Most of the economy here is dedicated to the service sector, meaning healthcare, technical services, insurance, retail trade and the like. Overland is also home to over 40 corporate headquarters. Sprint has a 240 acre property here that sees 8,000 employees at work every day. Black & Veatch, YRC Worldwide, Compass Minerals and Ash Grove Cement Company are other examples of prominent companies that thrive in Overland Park.

If you’d like to ensure your company remains successful amongst all these competitors, Six Sigma certification in Overland Park, Kansas is a great place to start. This quality control system was introduced nearly 30 years ago, but is as popular as ever. While it originally started at Motorola, General Electric used it in the 90s, revolutionizing the way they did business and setting the course for the market dominance they are currently known for.

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Much of what Six Sigma certification in Overland Park, Kansas provides is actually quite simple, though that doesn’t make it any less necessary. It’s a system that helps companies identify where they may be vulnerable due to systemic problems they encounter on a regular basis. Think about the processes you run every day at your company and others you may run weekly or monthly. Are they as fine-tuned as possible? Are you confident there aren’t some pretty big flaws potentially handicapping your success? If you answered  no to either of these questions, Six Sigma certification in Overland Park, Kansas is definitely something to consider.

Motorola and General Electric aren’t the only big names that have benefited from Six Sigma either. Countless other examples exist, including Amazon.com, Ford, Raytheon, Sears and Bank of America, just to name a handful. This shows that not only is Six Sigma something that gets taken seriously by global market leaders, but that this system isn’t designed for any one industry.

Six Sigma certification in Overland Park, Kansas will benefit your company right down to the employee level as well. This system has been shown to boost employee confidence and morale for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because it gives them an objective language to speak about problems they see and a path for addressing them. Any company with room to grow should be lining up for Six Sigma certification. You can grow without it of course, but not as much as you can with it.

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