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The economy of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has grown considerably and, today, it contains businesses and organizations in every industry. It’s also a competitive place, with more workers than job openings at most times. For those seeking more from their career, that means it’s often better to make an upward move with your current employer rather than seeking employment elsewhere. Six Sigma certification for Oklahoma City professionals enables you to do that more easily. Why is Six Sigma the right option for your professional training needs?

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The Demand for Process Improvement

Six Sigma started out as a way to improve manufacturing processes back in the 1980s. Pioneered by IBM, it was quickly adopted by other companies in other industries as its value became apparent. Today, Six Sigma is used for any process that needs improvement, and is not limited to manufacturing. Any process at all can be improved through the application of Six Sigma principles, including such disparate processes as marketing, customer service, inventory control, research and development, and more.

The increase in demand for Six Sigma certification for Oklahoma City professionals is tied directly to this method’s wide applicability. Literally any process can be improved using this scientific solution. For businesses and organizations, that equates to tremendous savings in terms of both time and money, as well as increased customer satisfaction and retention, reduced errors and defects, and more predictable outcomes for all processes.

Charting Your Path Forward

When you decide that Six Sigma certification in Oklahoma City is the right path for you, you’ll need to determine which certification level you want to pursue. You can always take a higher-level course down the road, but getting the basics down now is important. The first two courses (white and yellow belt training) offer an introduction to Six Sigma principles and techniques for professionals who need to make process improvements to their daily duties and responsibilities, but who will not be working on a dedicated process improvement team.

Team members and team leaders should go through green belt training. Black belt training gives you the training and education to become a Six Sigma project manager. You’ll also find Lean Six Sigma training available for organizations that need to combine the two approaches.

For those who earn their Six Sigma certification in Oklahoma City, the future is bright. You can bring added benefits to your current organization, and move your career ahead at the same time.

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