Six Sigma Certification in Oceanside, California

Oceanside is the third largest city by population in San Diego County. Around 185,000 people call Oceanside home and it’s not hard to see why. The city has perfect weather, is located right on the Pacific Ocean and doesn’t lack for things to do. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is located just to the north of Oceanside, but many large companies actually have an address in the city. Learning Forum International, Bergensons Property Services and International Stem Cell Corporation are just a few examples. Top employers in Oceanside are the city government, Tri-City Medical Center, Select Staffing and Mira Costa college.

When you consider its proximity to San Diego, your Oceanside business actually has far more competition than the above lets on. You could easily lose customers to a competitor within the county if you don’t take every opportunity to improve your operations. One of the most efficient ways to do this is with Six Sigma certification in Oceanside, California.

For almost 30 years now, Six Sigma has been proving itself as the ultimate quality control tool. That’s because it’s not some machine or piece of software that catches defects after they happen. Six Sigma is designed to help you catch the defects before they ever happen long before they ever become problems. The system was actually invented by Motorola in the mid-80s, when they decided their success would be guaranteed if they could limit their manufacturing defects to no more than 3.4 for every million units they produced.

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Six Sigma training in San Diego

Nothing short of Six Sigma could have accomplished this. When your business gets Six Sigma certification in Oceanside, California, it will be on the road to gaining the same level of precision. That’s because this process will help you and your staff think about the systems your business relies on regularly. If these systems contain any flaws or any areas that fall short of being ideal, Six Sigma will help you weed them out and replace them with solutions that will get you closer to that 3.4 number.

Keep in mind, too, that Six Sigma certification in Oceanside, California isn’t just for manufacturing companies. The Marines, U.S. Army and Amazon.com are just a few of the organizations that have used Six Sigma yet don’t manufacture any products of their own.

With Six Sigma certification in Oceanside, California, your company and employees will be optimized for producing better results than ever before.