Use the Same Business Solutions as Other Successful Firms in Morgantown, West Virginia

Noted as one of the healthiest cities in terms of growth and quality of life, Morgantown, WV also has a sturdy economy. With its universities, hospitals, and healthcare emphasis, Morgantown, West Virginia is also where such firms as Walmart and Synovate are based as well. Two of the other enormously successful firms in the city are Lowe’s and The Kroger Co., and these two firms can attribute part of their success to their use of a very innovative set of business solutions.

What do these two famous Morgantown, WV companies use to overcome business hurtles? They are both clients of Six Sigma. This is a firm that specializes in training and helping firms of all sizes to use the amazingly effective methodology that goes by the Six Sigma name.

It is most often described as a method that uses analysis and solid data to identify key problems within a firm and then find a solution to that problem. Most often, the issues are related to revenue, but they are always also related to business processes, too, and the Six Sigma system creates a remarkably effective solution.

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Just consider that companies both large and small can have something wrong in a process or approach being used, and yet why there is a “glitch” can remain totally unclear. How do you begin to find an answer? How do you even identify how much of a financial impact such flaws have on your firm? The good news is that Six Sigma has the system and provides ongoing training to ensure you and your staff can answer those questions.

Companies as large and successful as Lowe’s and The Kroger Co. have both used the Six Sigma method, based on the five DMAIC steps (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to start saving tremendous amounts of money while also continuing to keep clients happy. The firms show their dedication to success through the use of the stepped training that Six Sigma offers, with each level earning a trainee a “belt” or mastery of another aspect of the method. This creates effective teams in any organization, and this is how predictable and measurable outcomes become reality.

If your firm seems to be struggling and you want solid answers based on the facts, the Six Sigma solution is probably the ideal one for you. Explore the different training programs currently available and begin helping your staff become a more effective team today.

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