Six Sigma Certification in Mobile, Alabama

There are over 195,000 people who call Mobile, Alabama home according to the 2010 census. Many of these residents are also employees working for companies in the medicine, construction, ship building, steel, aerospace and manufacturing industries. Given the premium that companies in these fields need to place on the products they make, Six Sigma certification in Mobile, Alabama could be a huge factor for them as far as future success is concerned.

Six Sigma is a quality control approach that seeks to limit defects to just 0.0000034%. To most, that would seem like a pretty ambitious goal, maybe even an impossible one. However, consider that companies like Raytheon, Amazon.com and Sears have all used Six Sigma to some extent or another and all of a sudden this may not seem so crazy. In fact, even the United States Army and Marines have incorporated strategies put forward by this system, which was invented by Motorola (a highly successful company in their own right) back in 1986.

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This approach will help you take a critical look at the various processes your company regularly relies on to meet its business goals. By doing this, you’ll probably find a couple of areas where you could limit exposure or improve output. With Six Sigma certification in Mobile, Alabama, you’ll know how to approach these opportunities for better performance.

Every employee should also look forward to Six Sigma certification in Mobile, Alabama as well because it will make them a more attractive prospect. Whether they have a promotion in mind or a whole different field altogether, any resume looks better when it can boast of Six Sigma certification. That’s just one reason Six Sigma benefits the individual though. It’s also proven to help boost employee morale too. Even talented, dedicated leaders can fall short of their potential if they don’t have the right tools and this can be extremely frustrating to employees who then fall short by extension. Six Sigma will give your business- leaders those tools. It will also make efficient collaboration possible by ensuring that all employees are bringing the same strategies and understanding to the table when working with one another.

No matter what industry your company is in or what your role is within the business, Six Sigma certification in Mobile, Alabama can offer a chance to see better results. For nearly 30 years now, it’s been helping millions across the planet experience the same.

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