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Six Sigma Certification Minneapolis

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Six Sigma Certification in Minneapolis

One-half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota has a burgeoning economy supported by a healthy, robust business sector. From retail to manufacturing, Minneapolis is home to a stunning range of companies, all of which need to compete for success. You can give your organization the boost it needs by sponsoring employees through Six Sigma certification in Minneapolis. With the number of available professional education courses, what makes Six Sigma the right option for your company?

Why You Need Six Sigma

How many processes are at play in your business? Even if you’re a small company, chances are there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of processes at work. For larger companies, there can be tens of thousands of processes involved in your day-to-day operations. You might think that Six Sigma only applies to things like manufacturing or development processes, but that’s untrue. It also applies to regular processes like payroll processing, appointment scheduling, interoffice communications, employee training and virtually every other aspect of your daily operations. Breakdowns, bottlenecks and inaccuracies within those processes cost you big time in terms of money, lost time and more.

Six Sigma certification in Minneapolis allows your employees to identify those problems on their own, and then make the changes needed to rectify the situation. The result is ongoing refinement and improvement that saves you money, materials, stress and boosts satisfaction, profitability, longevity and customer satisfaction. All process improvements ultimately translate to benefits for your clients or customers.

Which Belt Level Should You Sponsor?

When you consider Six Sigma certification in Minneapolis for your employees, you’ll find that it’s important to choose the right belt levels for each employee. Your general staff should have white belt training at minimum, and any process improvement team support staff should have yellow belt training. Team members need green belt training, and project managers must have black belt training. Any executives or managers who are responsible for identifying and planning Six Sigma initiatives for your business should have master black belt training.

Of course, you’ll also have to pay close attention to the training provider you ultimately work with. Vet each potential candidate, and choose a company that offers Six Sigma certification in Minneapolis that’s accepted around the world. The company should have a long list of easily recognized clients, and they should be at the forefront of the Six Sigma industry. With the right partner, you can train your employees and grow your business.

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