Macon Businesses Can Do More with Six Sigma

Would you like to have 2015 be a banner year for your business in Macon, Georgia? If so, there are countless areas of your company you could focus on to bring about better results. Your staff is always a good place to start. You may want to hire on more specialists, eliminate redundant positions or invest in further training. Of course, just about every company out there needs to ensure they’re using the best possible software at all times too.

However, it could be argued that the very structure of your company is the most important thing to focus on. Not just how it’s been organized, but how it functions. This is why so many businesses have made Six Sigma certification in Macon, Georgia a part of the way they operate.

Unlike so many business performance systems that were made in the laboratory, so to speak, Six Sigma certification in Macon, GA was the product of necessity. Motorola found themselves facing a serious problem in the mid-‘80s. To put it simply, the quality of their product was terrible. This was put in stark relief thanks to a Japanese firm that had been put in charge of one of their factories in the US. That factory was able to keep up with demand, yet only created 1/20th the amount of defects as their American counterparts.

Clearly, something was wrong. Bob Galvin recognized this when he became CEO of the company in 1981 and immediately set out to do something about it. By 1986, they had their solution. Six Sigma, as it would come to be known, didn’t just solve the corporation’s problem. It obliterated it. Motorola was able to cut defects down to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

Obviously, a tactic like this was too good to keep secret. Eventually, Jack Welch, the CEO of GE during the ‘90s, discovered Six Sigma and used it for his company. Not only did Welch help turn General Electric into the juggernaut we know it as today, he later went on to write a book on the subject.

Hundreds of companies have used the system since. Around here, some of these businesses include First Quality Baby Products, Construction Specialties, Inc., Armstrong and others with Six Sigma certification in Macon. Yours could be next to join this list.

With Six Sigma certification in Macon, your company will be in a better position to achieve greater results. By eliminating the challenges from within your business, you can focus on those in front of it.

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