Six Sigma Helps Lowell Companies

Just because we’ve finally made it out the other end of the recession doesn’t mean you can take it easy. There are still plenty of market forces out there that could put your company in trouble. Everything from globalization to competitors is a threat that your business should always be wary of, no matter what the economy is doing.

This is definitely good advice, but it’s not always easy to take. Where do you begin making your company bulletproof? While it may be impossible to fully protect your business from any and all harm that could show up, one step you should definitely take is obtaining Six Sigma certification in Lowell, Massachusetts.

While there are countless business strategies out there that come with all kinds of supposed benefits, Six Sigma certification in Lowell, MA has actually been proven to work time and time again. In fact, it was born out of necessity in a legitimate business environment, not the classroom or some theoretical setting.

It was back in the mid-‘80s when Motorola finally had to admit they had a problem that needed to be confronted. From the outside, the multinational corporation looked ideal. On the inside, though, they were struggling. Worst of all, they had no one to blame but themselves: their biggest problems were internal. Namely, their manufacturing process was inefficient and hurting their bottom line.

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Six Sigma training in Boston

Now, just about every company with a manufacturing wing will run into a similar problem at some point. Even companies that don’t have them are bound to have inefficiencies somewhere within their business processes.

Motorola wouldn’t accept this though. They created a collection of techniques, now known as Six Sigma, that sought out these inefficiencies and either greatly reduced them or eliminated them altogether.

Since then, Six Sigma has helped countless companies around the world. General Electric is a good example. Amazon is another. Even the United States Army has used Six Sigma.

Even some of your neighboring businesses have obtained Six Sigma certification in Lowell and used it in their business plans. BAE Systems, PC Connection and EMD are just a few examples. Why not make yours next?

By eliminating your own inefficiencies, you get a streamlined business process that doesn’t suffer from unnecessary overhead or costly waste. Other companies in Lowell, MA have found this strategy very helpful and now you can too. Even though the economy is improving, you still want to safeguard your business’ future. Six Sigma certification in Lowell is one of the best ways to do this.

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