Six Sigma Certification in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Six Sigma Certification In Las Vegas

All businesses exist to make money by serving their customers. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you need to be profitable. However, an increasing number of companies in Las Vegas are actually bleeding those profits away through inefficiencies, bottlenecks and other problem areas. Stop that hemorrhaging, and you’ll be more profitable, but how are you supposed to halt a bleed that you can’t find? Six Sigma certification for Las Vegas, Nevada companies can help. This process improvement tool allows you to dig into all processes in your company and stop the bleed of money before your company succumbs.

How Is Cash Lost?

For many business owners, the notion that money bleeds away through inefficiency is something of a new way to look at the world of business. You’re used to looking at things in terms of profit and loss, reach and effectiveness, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. However, when you sponsor your employees through Six Sigma certification in Las Vegas, you give them the ability to analyze your processes and identify areas where money is bleeding away.

Where might those areas be? Actually, they can be anywhere, and they can be almost anything. A single inefficient process can cost your company money and time. For instance, if your bottle labeler routinely mislabels every tenth bottle, you have to spend time removing the label and sending the bottle back through (or you lose money by tossing the bottle in the trash). You also lose money on adhesive and lost labels. Over time, that can add up to a serious issue. While this is a simplistic example, it’s a perfect illustration of how “business as usual” could actually be a hidden source of revenue and time loss in your company. Six Sigma certification for Las Vegas professionals helps you overcome this issue and stop the bleeding.

How to Choose a Six Sigma Training Company

While you’ll certainly have to choose the right belt levels for your employees to pursue through training, it’s equally important that you work with the right company offering Six Sigma certification in Las Vegas. Look for a company that’s able to deliver certification courses through onsite training, as well as through online and blended learning courses. This allows you to send multiple employees through training at one time, maximizing your benefits while minimizing employee time lost, which further builds profitability and success.

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