Six Sigma Certification in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville may be best known for its bluegrass and country music, but it’s also a major hub of business in Tennessee. For example, the Tennessee Valley Authority is located here and is the largest public power provider in the entire country. Regal Entertainment, a Fortune 1000 company, has its headquarters in Knoxville as does Scripps Networks Interactive and Team Health. Combined, these companies represent billions of dollars in yearly revenues.

Your company may not be at that level yet, but if you have ambitious goals for it, Six Sigma certification in Knoxville, Tennessee can help. This quality control system is so ambitious, its aim is to get a company to the point that, for every million opportunities, there are no more than 3.4 defects. If that sounds like manufacturing talk to you, that’s because Six Sigma was originally designed by Motorola in 1986 for this very reason: to ensure their products were held to the highest possible standards.

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However, since then, Six Sigma has been used, to some degree or another, by some of the most popular companies on the planet. If, when you think of successful companies, you think of names like Ford, 3M, Amazon.com and General Electric, then you’re thinking of businesses that have benefited from Six Sigma. When you sign up for Six Sigma certification in Knoxville, Tennessee, then, you’ll be well on your way to joining a very elite group of companies. While Six Sigma is squarely focused on quality control, it aims to do this largely by addressing the people you employ. This means teaching them simple techniques for working with an analytical eye. It means taking apart business protocols your company may take for granted and finding where costly flaws are hiding. It means putting these protocols back together so they work better than ever.

Six Sigma certification in Knoxville, Tennessee will also help you develop employees who are happier with their work. This happens as they learn to use SMART goals regularly, helping them to accomplish more and push the limits of what they thought they could do. It will mean better morale as employees are less hampered by vague language or goals. Companies like Raytheon and Sears wouldn’t have used Six Sigma if vague language was involved.

Although there are many ways to improve a business, none are as efficient as Six Sigma certification in Knoxville, Tennessee. Take the first step today and you’ll be making a major investment in you and your company’s future.

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