Your Business Can Do Better with Six Sigma Certification in Kenosha

Your company has all kinds of options these days for improving their operations. However, what you can’t afford to do is neglect to evolve. Improvement is mandatory nowadays for a business. The recession made it perfectly clear that those that don’t grow, fall. Even if an economic downturn doesn’t happen again, your organization could get beat out by competitors, blindsided by innovation or left behind by the market.

Yet, with so many ways to improve, how do you know which one to pick? Six Sigma certification in Kenosha has made the decision pretty clear. Decide to take on this vital application and your company has a future full of potential.

You may be wondering why Six Sigma certification in Kenosha is so great. To fully appreciate this, it’s worth stepping back in time to see where this popular approach to management came from. Unlike so many other business practices that claim unworldly results, Six Sigma certification in Kenosha, Wisconsin actually has a track record you can look back on. By doing so, you’ll see that it speaks for itself.

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Most people know Motorola as a global juggernaut in the telecommunications world. However, in the late ‘70s, they were just a company trying to make consumer electronics. It was around this time that they ran into a pretty big problem though: it became abundantly clear that their production left a lot to be desired.

What happened is that they brought in a Japanese firm to run just one of their US factories. Practically overnight, this new team dropped defects by 95%. Obviously, something was wrong with the rest of Motorola.

The company would spend years figuring out how exactly to fix things. Once they did, they named the process Six Sigma. After initiating this collection of techniques, Motorola saw their defects drop to just 3.4 out of one million. Since then, Sony, Amazon, IBM, Ford Motor Company and others have taken up the Six Sigma banner.

Many businesses in the Kenosha area have also incorporated Six Sigma practices into their regular operations. S.C. Johnson and Son, HealthFitness and Niagara Bottling are just a few of them. There are a number of others, though, and there’s reason to believe even more will jump on board eventually.

If you’d like to see your company flourish in the near future, obtain Six Sigma certification in Kenosha, WI. It isn’t just about manufacturing. It’s about running a better business and producing superior results.

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