Six Sigma Certification in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Six Sigma Certification in Indianapolis
The city of Indianapolis might be home to an incredible number of businesses, but that doesn’t mean that jobs are just available for the taking. Just like the rest of the country, Indy’s job market has become incredibly competitive, as more people compete for fewer jobs. Companies are raking in the profits, but they’re now more and more selective with their hiring. That means you need to ensure that you’re the most qualified candidate for the position. If you think that your college degree will do the trick, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise as well.

The number of degreed job applicants has skyrocketed these days. It seems like everyone has a degree in some field or another, and hirers are placing less emphasis on this than on other professional credentials. Six Sigma certification in Indianapolis, Indiana is the best way to ensure that you have the skillset and knowledge today’s hirers want to see.

Why Is Six Sigma in Such High Demand?

To understand why today’s hirers are so intent on bringing Six Sigma credentialed candidates aboard, you need to know a bit more about what it does. Six Sigma is the only proven, verified, and most reliable option for process improvement. That’s important for today’s businesses because they need to run more efficiently than ever before. Even small losses that could be ignored in the past are now huge problems. With profit margins growing ever thinner, companies need to maximize every dollar, and that means cutting out unnecessary waste in various business processes.

How to Get Your Training

Now that you understand why Six Sigma certification in Indianapolis, Indiana is in such high demand, you need to understand how you can turn that to your advantage. A great deal here depends on where you want to go in your career. If you want to become a process team member, then you should go for green belt training. If you want to move up to a project manager position or even a higher management position, then master black belt training is necessary. However, if you only want to make yourself a more appealing candidate for a general staff position (not Six Sigma specialized), then you can take one of two introductory courses – white or yellow belt training. Both prepare you to optimize daily processes and work to support process teams, and make you a much more appealing job candidate.

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