Six Sigma Certification in Killeen, Texas

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Perhaps you feel lucky just to have made it through recession. While a little gratitude never hurt anybody, you need to start looking toward the future. Companies can’t ford to become stagnant, especially in today’s dynamic, global marketplace.

It can be tough knowing what your company should do though. There are so many options, that the fear of making the wrong choice (and wasting a ton of time and money) could have you hesitant to make any move at all.

Fortunately, Six Sigma certification in Killeen is a pretty obvious choice. Companies in this part of the state that leverage Six Sigma include McLane Advanced Technologies, A2Z Development Center, Inc. and The Miller Group LLC, just to name a few.

Companies that use Six Sigma are all over the world, though. They’ve been doing so for decades, practically since the moment Motorola invented it back in 1986. At the time, this brand new creation was responsible for dropping their defects to just 3.4 out of every one million opportunities.

It took them years to come up with this approach though. Their problem with manufacturing was first identified sometime around the late ‘70s or early ‘80s. They had just one factory controlled by a Japanese firm, but it was 20 times better than the others. Obviously, Motorola knew they had both a challenge and an opportunity staring them in the face.

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Six Sigma training in Austin

Today, your business can get Six Sigma certification in Killeen and begin benefiting from the intense research and testing Motorola paid for more than 30 years ago. As we mentioned, a whole host of companies have done the same. Sony, Bank of America, Amazon, 3M, Dannon, Jaguar Cars, Colgate Palmolive and IBM have all used Six Sigma in the past. Yet, you won’t notice too many other similarities amongst them. In fact, some of those organizations don’t actually produce anything or own the manufacturing process that makes their items.

No matter what line industry your business is in, Six Sigma certification in Killeen, Texas has a place in your company. It won’t just cut down on waste either (though you’ll most likely be surprised what its techniques can find). Six Sigma could be the solution to all kinds of challenges you’re facing.

Don’t put it off any longer. Six Sigma certification in Killeen, TX is easy, affordable and effective. You’ll be joining some very successful companies all over the world, just by taking that first step.

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